Amazon is making a Conan the Barbarian series

Conan the Barbarian is a classic fantasy movie. It is the movie that launched Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career. Well, now it is getting a new TV series treatment. As part of Amazon’s push into the fantasy genre, the company is developing drama series Conan, based on the books by Robert E. Howard.

This retelling of the classic 1932 story will see the hero searching civilisation to find a place and purpose in a world that rejects him as a savage. Obviously Arnold will not be starring and we don’t know who will play the character of Conan yet. There are however a bunch of respected TV names attached to the project, including Ryan Condal from Colony, Miguel Sapochnik from Game of Thrones, and Warren Littlefield from Fargo and The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s too early to know when it’s going to hit our screens yet, but if they do this right, they will have a huge hit on their hands.

And since Robert E. Howard wrote a ton of Conan books, there is no shortage of material available to the writers. So start guessing who will play the role of Conan. They have some big shoes to fill after Arnold had the role.

Source Engadget

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