Amazon Now Letting Teens Use Their Own Accounts With Parental Consent

Amazon is now making it easier for teen shoppers in a family to purchase items from and there are new parental control settings that will make sure that parents are aware of what they purchase, so they aren’t taken by surprise.

Amazon is now allowing teens between 13 and 17 years old to create unique logins that are linked to a household Amazon account.

Teens can use their unique accounts to place orders using the Amazon app. No worries parents, the orders won’t go through until you approve it. You have the final say. Parents will get a text or email notification with the information about the order, which will include an option to approve or decline the order. This is a pretty good solution that should satisfy both teens and parents.

Parents can set pre-approved spending limits for the kids on their account if they want to as well. This will give kids more freedom while still providing them with itemized notifications of orders. If the parents subscribe to Amazon Prime, the teens will receive access to Prime-exclusive features like Prime Video and Twitch as well. Amazon got feedback from families and implemented this change. This should work out good for parents and kids.

Source Ubergizmo

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