Andy Rubin’s Essential is building an AI powered smartphone

Essential Phone

It looks like Andy Rubin and his Essential Phone company have a new smartphone in the works and the focus of this device will be artificial intelligence.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new Essential Phone will have some interesting AI features.

These features will include the ability to respond to messages on your behalf, the handset will apparently try an mimic the user and automatically reply to your messages.

The design of this new handset is different to existing devices on the market, it is rumored to come with a small display and users will apparently interact with it using voice commands. The device will apparently be able to reply to your messages and emails and also book appointments for you.

It sounds like a very interesting device and if Andy Rubin and Essential can make a handset that replies to all by messages without me having to touch it, I would definitely be interested.

Source Bloomberg

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