Apple iPad Is Still The World’s Most Popular Tablet

Apple iPad

According to a recent report by research firm IDC, the Apple iPad is still the world’s most popular tablet. In 2017 Apple managed to sell more tablets with their iPad than Samsung and Amazon did combined.

Apple sold a total of 43.8 million iPads in 2017, this gave the company a 26.8 percent share of the tablet market and it was up slightly in the previous year.

Samsung sold a total of 24.9 million iPads in 2017, Samsung cam in second place with a 15.2 percent share of the tablet market. In third place was Amazon with sales of 16.7 million  tablets and a 10.2 percent share of the market.

In fourth place was Huawei with a total of 12.5 million tablets sold and in fifth place Lenovo with 10.3 million tablets. The rest of the tablet sales were from other companies. Overall sales of tablets were actually down over the previous year.

Apple saw an increase in tablet sales in 2017, Samsung stayed the same and Amazon also saw an increase in sales as did Huawei. We are expecting to see some new iPads from Apple this year and we may get one with the company’s Face ID.

A recent rumor has suggested that Apple May start launching some of its new products next month, we could possibly see a new Apple iPad then.

Source IDC, MacRumors

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