Arduino LEGO Pneumatic Compressor Project

Arduino project LEGO pneumatic compressor.

YouTube member AlmightyArjen has published details and a video of an awesome LEGO pneumatic compressor which has been automated using a little Arduino programming and hardware. Watch the demonstration video below to the more and see it in action.

“This Lego pneumatic compressor is fully automated by Arduino and will be used in my future Lego train automation projects. I built it for the by Arduino automated Lego train container terminal that I’m currently building. This Lego compressor contains 4 Lego PF M motors, 8 Lego pneumatic pumps and 10 air tanks. It is controlled based on hysteresis control: the motors are enabled when the pressure has dropped 3 psi below the setpoint and is disabled when the pressure is 3 psi above the setpoint.”

“For a quick start, the compressor has a Turbo function which is enabled under 35 psi this makes the motors run on 12V instead of the rated 9V. This way the air tanks are filled a bit faster but without overloading the motors. The compressor has two sections which can be used separately with their own setpoint or as one big compressor. This selection is done by switching the outlet valves at the back of the compressor and by setting a jumper on the circuit board. The Arduino control also tracks the running time of each section in hours and is shown when a switch on the circuit board is pressed. The pressure is measured by a non official Lego pneumatic sensor by”

Source: YouTubeAB

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