Awesome Ulysses Writing Applications Move To Subscription Model

Ulysses Writing Applications

After providing their awesome writing applications for both iOS and Mac since launch as a single payment transaction, the development team behind Ulysses are now moving their offerings to subscription model for both Mac and iOS applications.

The monthly or annual payment allows access to applications across both Mac and iOS and existing users who have already purchased the Ulysses application on Mac or iOS are entitled to a lifetime discount off the subscription service.

Subscriptions now start from $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. Jump over to the official Ulysses website for more details. A 14 day free trial is also available across all devices.

Ulysses is packed with tools for a better writing life. Here is a best-of selection – for a comprehensive overview please see the feature table. Ulysses requires a subscription, which will unlock the app on all devices (Mac, iPhone and iPad). The apps can be downloaded for free on the Mac App Store and the App Store, respectively.

Source: Ulysses