Be Quiet Silent Base 601 Chassis From $129

Silent Base 601 Chassis

If you are considering building a silent PC rig you may be interested in the new Silent Base 601 Chassis unveiled this week by Be Quiet. Available with a couple of different options the Silent Base 601 is available for preorder price at $129 or £110 or €120 with versions offering orange, black or silver highlights. Be Quiet Has also created a tempered glass side window chassis version priced at €130 $139 or £123.

Equipped with intelligent airflow design and whisper quiet operation the chassis provides easy installation and excellent usability says Be Quiet. “Specially designed air vents dampen noise while providing excellent air permeability to ensure the best possible cooling performance at whisper-quiet operation. The new technical design delivers even better results in noise reduction, which makes these air vents the most advanced in the be quiet! case product family. The chassis frame is completely made out of metal, minimizing the transfer of noise-inducing vibrations. Its silent operation is supported by 10mm thick sound-insulating foam on the panels and topped off with two decoupled Pure Wings 2 fans, decoupled HDD bays and a three-step fan controller for 3-pin fans.”

For more details jump over to the official Be Quiet website.

Source: TPU

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