CamBuddy Plus wireless adapter adds Wi-Fi, GPS and 4G LTE

CamBuddy Plus

Photographers searching for an easy way to add a variety of wireless connectivity to their existing camera may be interested in the CamBuddy Plus. A small adapter capable of adding Wi-Fi, GPS and 4G LTE to your existing DSLR camera. “Your RAW photos are GPS tagged, transmitted with top speed, to a variety of cloud services”. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the new camera wireless adapter created by Joobot.

Using the smartphone companion application the feature set of the CamBuddy Plus can be extended even further providing wireless tethered shooting, over-the-cloud remote control, and photo stacking to name just a few. The development team at Joobot explain a little more about the new wireless camera adapter.

“By keeping your camera connected to the cloud, photos taken can be uploaded to the cloud instantly. You will always have a safe copy in the cloud. We also automated the upload process. Once you are connected, you don’t have to be distracted from shooting – uploading is done automatically in the background. Whether you are shooting a wedding that will never have a second chance, or a fire that may burn your camera any time, you will never worry losing photos. “

“Once uploaded to the cloud, you can view photos on many devices with no delay, either on computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can immediately share the photos to your client, your colleague, or your family. Reporting an emergency news? Your colleague in the office will receive the photos faster. Get a wonderful shot? You can share on social networks in seconds, not hours. Snapped a goal with a tele-zoom of your favourite soccer team? It can appear in the news headline as fast as those smartphone shots. “

Joobot has launched the new wireless camera adapter via Kickstarter this week, to view a full list of pledge options follow the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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