Crossout PlayStation 4 Early Access Beginner’s Guide (video)

Crossout PlayStation 4 Early Access

If you are considering jumping into the Crossout early access round of development on the PlayStation 4, you be interested to know thatAlexander Trifonov from Gaijin has taken to the official PlayStation blog to provide you with a beginners guide to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Crossout involves multiplayer battles taking place in a post-apocalyptic landscape offering a MMO-action game during which you can use dozens of different parts to customise and assemble armoured cars with unique specifications and designs enabling you to show your skills in battle.


As of today, you can get early access to the game by purchasing one of the two Founder Bundles – only in PlayStation Store! The bundles contain vehicles with exclusive skins and increased by 50% amount of virtual currency. These bundles will be on sale only until May 30th, when Crossout will be released as free-to-play title.

The main feature of Crossout is the ability to create your own combat vehicles using dozens of parts and a huge arsenal of weapons — from chainsaws, power-drills over machine guns to rocket launchers, flying drones and stealth generators.

The basis of any vehicle is its frame. All parts must be attached directly to the frame or to the other parts attached to the frame. Any vehicle needs a single cabin. Cabins are always mounted horizontally on top of frame elements. ‘Movement’ type parts (wheels, tracks or mech legs) can only be attached directly to the frame and only on the sides of the vehicle. Don’t forget to test-drive your creation before going into battle!

For more information and tips and tricks on how to get started with the Crossout early access on PlayStation 4 jump over to the official PlayStation blog via the link below.


Source: PS Blog