Crystal-clad Bracelet Hides Flash Storage

A lot of people like to have a flash drive on the net all times. Keeping up with that flash drive can be a challenge though if you forget to put in your pocket or leave it sitting around. Swarovski has a new Crystal-emblazoned bracelet that you can put on your wrist and keep your flash drive with you at all times.

The fast ride has a black rubber band with a stainless steel centerpiece featuring 10 different Jet Hematite crystals. The crystals appear to be a dark black and the product is aimed at guys. Typically, Swarovski gains its products more women.

It’s unclear exactly how you access the flash drive, but it has 16 GB of storage. The device is apparently only available from the company’s online shop and will cost you $175.

via EverythingUSB

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