Cydia the unofficial app store for jailbroken iPhones will stop selling apps

jailbroken iPhones

Cydia founder Jay Freeman has revealed that the Cydia app store will no longer sell apps for jailbroken iPhones.

The news was posted on Reddit and it is being shut down earlier than he had planned due to a security issue that was discovered.

The reality is that I wanted to just shut down the Cydia Store entirely before the end of the year, and was considering moving the timetable up after receiving the report (to this weekend); this service loses me money and is not something I have any passion to maintain: it was a critical component of a healthy ecosystem, and for a while it helped fund a small staff of people to maintain the ecosystem, but it came at great cost to my sanity and led lots of people to irrationally hate me due to what amounted to a purposeful misunderstanding of how profit vs. revenue works.

You can find out more details about the plans for Cydia over at Reddit at the link below.

Source Reddit, Gizmodo

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