Daredevil writers were working on season 4 before cancellation

Netflix has announced that they will not be renewing Marvel’s Daredevil for a fourth season. This came as a surprise to most people many because Daredevil seemed to be the only Marvel show that received mostly favorable reviews, and seemed like it was on track to be renewed for a fourth season. But sadly no.

Netflix’s cancellation came as a surprise to everyone, including the show’s writers who had already been working on season four and had already pitched the idea to Netflix. Writer Tamara Becher-Wilkinson said that the cancellation came as a surprise to all and that she had thought that the show was “too big to fail”.

Becher-Wilkinson said, “The reviews were so overwhelmingly positive that I thought there was no way they would cancel it. I don’t know how well it does on Netflix or anything like that…[but] it was surprising to me they would cancel something that was so well received. I thought it was too big to fail.”

It was a surprise to Sam Ernst, the show’s co-executive producer too, who also tweeted that the team had already laid out all their plans for the fourth season. Netflix has not given a reason why, but it has been speculated that the company is slowly trying to end its Marvel shows due to Disney+ launching next year, which is expected to host to its own series of Marvel TV shows. But if so, they would have to start all over again it seems, with a new cast. Which is too bad. This was a special show.

Source Ubergizmo

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