DIY Arduino electric skateboard controller

DIY Arduino electric skateboard controller

After purchasing the Qu4tro electric skateboard and finding the controller wasn’t quite as good as the skateboard, Timo Brinschein decided to build his very own using a little Arduino hardware and programming. The remote control has been finished with a 3D printed enclosure and has been created by reverse engineering the supplied wireless controller.

“Open electric skateboard remote for NRF24L01+ based remote controller designs. Most Chinese boards use this NRF chip to communicate with the remote until end of 2018. It’s a Chinese no name motor controller that comes with a remote and can be configured to run four motors. I reverse engineered the communication protocol between the board and the remote and implemented my own code based on an Arduino Nano.

I build my own PCB around the selected components and stuffed everything into a nice, solid enclosure that fits nicely into my hand, even for long rides. I printed the parts with the hollow side down and used support. I printed in PLA and the prints came out nicely! The support is a bit hard to remove but the reward was great!”

For more details jump over to the official project page on the Thingiverse website by following the link below. Code for the project is available on GitHub

Source: AB : Thingiverse

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