EVO The Ultimate Multitool Designed For The Digital Age (video)

EVO Multitool

If you have been searching for a pocket-sized device that provides a wealth of features, you may be interested in the EVO which has been created by Team Evolu2ion based in Toronto Canada.

The EVO has been designed to provide the ultimate multitool for the digital age and is small enough to carry on your keychain yet offers a wealth of essential tools to help you through your day.

EVO Multitool

As you can see from the image (top) the palm size device provides a backup battery, extra storage space a wall charger, iOS adapter, two-way tracker, Bluetooth remote and more. Watch the video below to learn more about the inspiration behind this new EVO Multitool which has taken to Kickstarter to raise the $65,000 CAD it requires to go into production.

Smartphones are indispensable and unavoidable in modern day life, but they also have the nasty habit of running out of power when you need them the most! Whether you’re about to send an important email, or you’re updating your Facebook status at the end of an exhausting day, you really need your phone to be available when you need it!

EVOLU2ION Inc., is a group of tech enthusiasts who looked at this problem and looked at the existing solutions out there, we knew that powerbanks and battery cases were too bulky and we always forgot to charge them, then we saw our friends complain about storage space on their phones and tablets, we also saw all the cable clutter in everyone’s bags . We decided to craft a solution to all these problems and do some really cool things in the process

For more information on the new EVO Multitool jump over to the Kickstarter website for details and to make a pledge from $64 CAD.

Source:  Kickstarter

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