FIFA World Cup VR PlayStation App

FIFA World Cup VR PlayStation App

PlayStation gamers equipped with PlayStation VR headsets looking for a more immersive way to watch this year’s final stages of the FIFA World Cup. May be interested to know that thanks of the BBC the upcoming fixtures can be watched in immersive virtual reality using the BBC Sports VR 2018 World Cup Russia application.

Once inside your PlayStation VR World Cup 2018 app users will also have access to real-time information. “Sony provide the camera data, while FIFA partners provide 2D and 360 Videos and all the data. It means all that crucial info -the line ups, formations, scores – all are pulled together in real time, so you always know what’s happening.”

You can watch the upcoming fixtures via your PS VR simply by downloading the free app from PlayStation Store, Upcoming matches later today include :

15.00 BST / 16.00 CEST Sweden v. Switzerland
19.00 BST / 20.00 CEST Colombia v. England

And keep track of the upcoming Quarter and Semi-final fixtures on FIFA’s official World Cup Russia website via the link below.

Source: PS : FIFA

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