Find My iPhone tracks down stolen car

Apple’s Find My iPhone is a tool used to help find your iPhone in the event that you’ve misplaced it or had it stolen. It’s like a homing beacon, which is how a carjacking victim managed to track down his stolen car using the feature.

Chase Richardson was at an intersection of the road one night when a man approached his car with a gun in his hand and began banging on his window, yelling at Richardson to get out of the car and get down on the ground.

Then the man demanded that Richardson hand over his personal phone and wallet, but not before Richardson had the idea of slipping his work phone into the center console. Once the man left with his car, Richardson ran to a nearby Walgreens where he called 911, and when the police arrived, they used the Find My iPhone app to track down the suspect. I’d say that’s a great outcome.

The entire ordeal only lasted an hour before police managed to arrest the suspect. All thanks to the ability to track the car. The Find My iPhone feature has helped police solve crimes in the past as well. It’s also great that Richardson was not hurt.

Source Ubergizmo

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