FTC issues warning about Netflix phishing scam

While you are busy binge-watching your favorite shows, keep your safety in mind as well. You want to keep a close eye on any emails you get that claim to be from Netflix. The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning about fake messages claiming to be from the streamer that are actually just trying to get your login info or distribute malware.

The screenshot that you see here is from Ohio police, but the message used British English spelling, and the UK’s Action Fraud service gave a similar warning a few months back. Thheir are always scammers out there looking to do bad things, so always stay sharp.

Phishers can trawl for information to find other accounts using the same email/password combination, so make sure that you have unique passwords for services like Netflix. Also make sure that you are using multifactor authentication when you can. Scammers also can resell access to active accounts on services like Netflix or Spotify, so check recent streaming activity for any IP addresses you don’t recognize. Always be careful. You can forward any suspicious emails to [email protected]

The bottom line is to be safe online because bad people are always ready to take advantage.

Source Engadget

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