Game Boy cartridge transforms console into a wireless controller

Game Boy cartridge

If you have a Game Boy gathering dust or still being used, you may be interested in an easy way to add extra functionality, by transforming it into a wireless game controller. Alex Iannuzzi has designed and build a Game Boy cartridge that is capable of transforming the portable console into a wireless controller.

No hardware hacking is required to simply insert the cartridge and connected to the desired platform. Full instructions have been provided but if you would prefer to purchase one ready made they are available to purchase from the Inside Gadgets online shop.

“An idea came to me after looking at some Gameboy projects which swapped out the Gameboy PCB for their own custom board – What if we could use any Gameboy (GB, GBC, GBP, GBA, GBA SP) as a game controller, stream that over a wireless connection and use a V-USB to act as a HID keyboard or joystick.

After looking at the code, the joystick interface was very simple to use and that’s all I really needed, so I grabbed that bit of code along with the Vendor ID Device ID that they were using and it worked perfect! If you send the right cursor press, it holds it down until you tell it that you have left go of it by sending just the default center pad value. “

For more information and full instructions on how to build your very own or purchase one directly from the online store jump over to the official Inside Gadgets website by following the link below.

Source: Inside Gadgets : Liliputing

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