Game Of Thrones Script Leaked As HBO Is Hacked

The script for an unaired Game of Thrones episode has apparently been leaked online after a hack at HBO. The hack has also affected other shows, like two unaired episodes of Ballers and Room 104, who also had episodes leaked online.

The Game of Thrones script that has been leaked is said to be for the episode that is to air next week. That would sure spoil things for a ton of fans.

The hackers that did this say they have over 1.5TB of data in their possession that was taken from HBO. You can’t help but wonder just what else they have. Hopefully nothing more damaging. It looks like the hackers emailed several reporters with information about the leak. They also promised that more content will be exposed soon. This is not HBOs first run in with hackers of course, or leaks. The first four episodes of last year’s Game of Thrones season were leaked online. HBO was later able to confirm that the leaks came from advance screeners that are sent out to an approved group of reviews and critics. So then HBO decided to stop sending advance screeners for the current season to prevent something like that from happening again. They also took other security measures, like using two-factor authentication on their email accounts. Well, none of that has seemed to help now.

HBO is investigating the incident and working with law enforcement as well as outside cybersecurity firms. Hopefully they can bolster their security.

Source Ubergizmo