Google search quiz will help diagnose PTSD

Google wants to help you improve your mental health. And in that vain when you search for keywords like “post traumatic stress disorder” or other related keywords on your phone, you’ll now have the option of taking a clinically validated quiz that can screen for signs of PTSD. I know, it sounds like some dystopian quiz show, but it’s real. Creepy, but real.

At least Google stresses that this does not provide a definitive answer. For that you would need an in-person diagnosis from someone who actually knows. However, it can hopefully give you useful knowledge to take to your doctor.

Looking out for your mental health seems to be all the rage right now from media giants. This support comes as Facebook is expanding the availability of its own mental health tools. Why not? One could argue that they propagate so much fake news and rattle people everyday, that they might as well help to undo some of that damage. Create the problem and then deliver the cure. It’s an old scenario.

Seriously though, this may be a genuine attempt to help people and at least that is a worthwhile goal. If it helps even a few people, it is a good thing.

Source Engadget

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