How Well Does Siri Work On The Apple HomePod?

Apple HomePod Siri

Apple’s Siri is now available on their new Apple HomePod speaker as well as the iPhone and iPad, the HomePod went on sale last week. If you are wondering how well Siri functions on the device, a new test has been run by Loup Ventures to work out how well Siri performs.

In the test which included a total of 782 queries as well as some tests for sound and ease of use, Siri understood 99.4% of the questions it was asked. Out of these questions it managed to answer 52.3 percent of these questions correctly. This compares to 81% for Google Home, 64% for Alexa and 57% for Cortana.

Whilst Siri may not have performed as well as the other virtual assistants at answering the questions, the test showed that the apple HomePod produced the best sounds out of all of the smart speakers available on the market today.

The tests also found that the user experience on Apple’s smart speaker is better than other devices, this includes the setup of the device, the communication style and also the listening ability of the device. The HomePod is expected to be a popular product for Apple, although sales are expected to start off steadily and then increase in a similar way that the Apple Watch did.

It took Apple a couple of years to make the Apple Watch popular, we recently heard that Apple sold 18 million of the new smartwatch last year. It is expected that it will take a while for the new HomePod to gain some momentum.

Source Loup Ventures

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