IR Detector proximity sensor for robots, drones and toys

IR Detector proximity sensor

Electronic enthusiasts may be interested in a new open source infrared sensor which has been created to support both Raspberry Pi and Arduino powered projects. The IR Detector proximity sensor has launched via Kickstarter and is now available to back from just $5 with worldwide delivery expected to take place during February 2019.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the IR Detector proximity sensor which has been built using quality components from the likes of Samsung, Panasonic, Texas Instruments and others. Possible applications for the IR Detector proximity sensor include :

– Reflective sensor for hand dryers, soap dispensers, water faucets, and toilet flush valves.
– Security and pet gates.
– Person or object vicinity activation.
– Fast proximity sensors for toys, robotics, drones, and much more!

“Muxall open source Infrared Detector (IRD) for reflective sensing, light curtains, and fast proximity applications. Works with Arduino (5V) and Raspberry Pi (3.3V) TTL.”

Source: Kickstarter

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