LG to showcase new 8K TVs at CES

8K TVs

LG has announced that it will be showcasing its new 4K TVs at this years CES. These new TVs will be shown off at CES 2019 next week and LG have said that they will come with their ThinQ AI and also their Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor.

These new TVs will come with Amazon Alexa and also Google Assistant built in and there will be a number of models in the range.

LG Electronics (LG) is taking the home entertainment experience to new heights with the introduction of its latest flagship TVs with ThinQ AI at CES 2019. Powered by the company’s second-generation α (Alpha) 9 Gen 2 intelligent processor and deep learning algorithm, the new models offer a higher level of AI picture and sound experience quality. Thanks to the new algorithm, LG’s TVs will offer enhanced picture and sound by analyzing source content as well as optimized content by recognizing ambient conditions.

Employing LG’s open smart platform, LG’s 2019 TV range provides access to a wide selection of popular artificial intelligence services across multiple platforms, including newly implemented Amazon Alexa in addition to the built-in Google Assistant. Users will also enjoy the ease of conversational voice recognition and an intuitive Home Dashboard that makes it possible to control a wide variety of smart home devices directly from the TV.

You can find out more details about LG’s new 8K TVs over at the companies website at the link below, we will have more information at CES next week.

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