Moment Mfi Certified iPhone Battery Case $100

Smartphone photographers may be interested to know that Moment has now opened up ordering for its new iPhone battery photo case which is priced at $100 and supports the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, but wireless charging is only available on the iPhone X and above.

“What makes this power case truly unique are its photography features. Capture better action photos (and selfies) using the electronic, DSLR-like shutter button. Shoot longer with additional battery. Drop your case without concern when your wrist or neck strap is attached to the bottom. Securely attach any of our New Moment Lenses, adding a new perspective to your phone camera.”

Moment iPhone battery case

– Action: An electronic shutter button enables better, less blurry shots.
– Travel: Shooting for longer, when you have less time to recharge.
– Outdoors: Rubberized protection and camera trap friendly for easier carry.
– Video: A physical, press and hold button for smoother video.
– With a Lens: Easily attach the best glass in the world.

For more details jump over to the official Moment store for full specifications. “Yep, it’s a phone case. Albeit a beautiful, black speckled, French designed, battery case…it does protect your phone from unintended drops. Whether you’re adventurous or just clumsy, we made sure the battery case could withstand a beating. Plus, we put ribs on the top, and created the case out of a hard plastic so your phone can take a beating without popping out or losing its top half (like some of those other battery cases). It’ll be the most durable ribbed, rubber product you’ve ever bought.”

Source: Moment

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