Netflix Is Producing An Original Series For India

netflix indiaNetflix has been around for several years but it only just truly went global earlier this year. At CES 2016, Netflix announced that it was expanding to almost every country on the planet. India, being one of them, is an emerging market. That means it’s very lucrative for tech companies and online services.

It is ripe for Netflix, which is why it’s now producing its first original series for India. I’m sure it is just the beginning of many.

So what is it that they are creating? The company’s first original series for India is based on the best-selling novel Sacred Games by author Vikram Chandra. It will be shot on location in the country. It will be produced in partnership with Phantom Films, which is one of the leading production houses in the country. If Netflix’s history is a guide, it should do amazingly.

The show will be available to Netflix subscribers globally once it’s released. Sacred Games is set in Mumbai, India and it is about the city’s web of organized crime, politics, corruption, and espionage. The stories interweave with the lives of the privileged, the famous, the wretched and the bloodthirsty. Sounds pretty good actually. All episodes will be released at once so you can binge watch.

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