Netflix testing Ultra tier for a higher price option

As you probably know, over the last few years, Netflix has rolled out some price increases. In 2011 it announced a split between its streaming and disc service to create “Qwikster”, but that didn’t go over well. Now the company’s next move might be to launch a new higher price option, without changing the price on current plans.

An “Ultra” tier has shown up for some users in Europe, with a maximum price of 16.99 to 19.99 Euros, above the current “Premium” tier that is 13.99.

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed these tests to CNET, saying, “In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix.” The changes have also been applied in other European countries like Germany, with different prices and different features listed.

In some cases, the offer left all other plans the same, while for others, it reduced the Premium plan’s streaming to a maximum of two devices at once and removed the option for HDR, while dropping the Standard HD-only plan to a single stream. The new Ultra tier consistently offered 4K with HDR and a maximum of four streams though.

We will see how Netflix proceeds from here and if customers like this.

Source Engadget

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