Netflix’s Bright Movie Is Getting A Sequel

Netflix’s first major blockbuster, a fantasy/buddy cop movie starring Will Smith has been well received by fans. The company had earmarked a budget of $90 million for this project and it’s getting a sequel.

Netflix has confirmed that it’s going to make a sequel to Bright. Fans won’t complain about this.

Interestingly, critics did not like the movie, but the fans did. Fans are the ones that matter. It looks like more than 11 million people watched Bright on the first three days after it was available on Netflix. I would call that a hit.

The sequel will likely pick up where the first movie left off and it looks like Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are going to return and so will the director David Ayers.

That’s about all of the information that is available about the sequel right now. It’s too soon to know when filming is going to begin and what the plot is going to be about, but those details will come in time. It shows that Netflix is serious about branching into the blockbuster movie business and that fans like what they are putting out. Hopefully we will get more news soon about this new Netflix sequel.

Source Ubergizmo

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