New Pocket 2 mini laptop launches from $435

New Pocket 2 mini laptop

Hardware manufacturer GPD has launched a new mini laptop this week offering a slightly more affordable offering with specifications to match. The new GPD Pocket 2 mini laptop is now equipped with a Celeron 3965Y CPU and is available to preorder with prices starting from $435.

The new mini laptop is capable of running Windows 10 and is equipped with a 7 inch display 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. Watch the demonstration and overview video below to learn more about what you can expect from this pocket computer which has this week launched by Indiegogo.

Mini laptop

“We’re back with a new generation of our beloved GPD Pocket. As a pocket-sized laptop, the GPD Pocket 2 meets end-to-end premium mobile computing needs of business professionals. The GPD Pocket 2 is equipped with: MacBook-level processor and active cooling design It also outperforms Microsoft’s new Surface Pro in some extreme performance tests.”

Features of the latest GPD mini laptop include :

– UNIBODY Machined Magnalium Design: streamlined and fashionable
– Fits in Your Pocket Easily: bring it with you anywhere
– Lightweight, 550g: more compact than the GPD Pocket 1
– 7-inch Screen: just the right size for maximum productivity
– Traditional Keyboard Design: minimum user adoption; type like you used to
– Micro SDXC Card Slot and More USB A Ports: Expand storage space without a separate USB HUB
– Active Cooling: rather than a passive cooling thin design that sacrifices performance
– Superior Performance than Microsoft (m3) Surface Pro
– Low Noise Operating Mode: caters to different user preferences
– Compatible with All Chargers and Mobile Power Banks

Source: Indiegogo

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