Pandora Premium Service Launched

Pandora is one of the most popular internet radio services there is, and it has announced a new service tier which will pit it against other proper music streaming services. It has announced Pandora Premium.

This service will eliminate the need to rely on radio stations being broadcast on Pandora and will let subscribers decide which song they want to listen to. More power to the people.

Pandora Premium will continue to give users access to the service’s personalized radio service aside from the ability to search and play any track or album as well as a unique set of playlist features tailored to each user’s preferences. The new streaming service costs $9.99, which is the same as many competing music streaming services. Pandora will soon roll out invites for a free trial of Pandora Premium and all users will see an option to upgrade in the next few weeks.

If you take part in the trial, you will see all of your stations and thumbs-up songs in a new “Now Playing” experience that pulls signature colors from the album art and changes with each track. There’s an offline mode for listening to music when there’s no internet connection, improved search functionality, the ability to start playlists with preferred songs, and more. It sounds pretty sweet if you are a Pandora user. All existing Pandora Plus subscribers will get six months of Premium at no extra change.

Source Ubergizmo