Parents Can Block Individual Shows And Movies On Netflix

Netflix has rolled out some new enhancements for parental controls on its service so parents can better control the content that their kids can access on the service. The changes will also give users the information and the tools they need to make appropriate decisions about what’s right for their families.

Netflix already gives you PIN protection for all content at a particular maturity level but it has now improved this feature by introducing a PIN parental control for individual movies and TV shows. No doubt parents have been waiting for this for a long time. You can use the feature to block specific content from being accessed by kids. Sorry kids, but mom and dad have more control now.

Netflix will also display the maturity level rating for a TV series or film more prominently when things start playing. The maturity ratings can be accessed elsewhere during the stream as well. Now you will be fully aware.

It will be launching these features globally in the next few months. Netflix says that it has taken these measures to make sure that its users are better informed and have more control over what they and their families can view on Netflix.

Source Ubergizmo

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