PlayStation 4 System Update 6.20 now available

PlayStation 4 system update 6.20

Sony has today announced the roll-out of a new PlayStation 4 system update 6.20 which brings improved system performance across all PlayStation 4 consoles. The new PS4 update is roughly 426 MB in size and is now available to download in some markets across the world and is sure to roll out to all in the coming days.

This follows update 6.10 which Prepare the PlayStation 4 for the next big patch and the highly anticipated feature which allows users to change their PSN name. Once the feature is enabled PS for users will be able to change their PSN ID once for free, after which additional changes will cost either $9.99 or $4.99 for PS Plus subscribers.

Release Notes of the new PlayStation 4 6.20 update are kept brief by Sony explaining simply that the new patch includes a system software update that “improves system performance”.

For more details on the new firmware release to improve system performance of the PlayStation 4 jump over to the official PlayStation website.



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