PlayStation Classic review by Digital Foundry

PlayStation classic review

If you are considering purchasing the Sony PlayStation Classic retro games console which comes preloaded with a variety of original PlayStation games to enjoy you may be interested in a new in depth PlayStation Classic review carried out by the team over at Digital Foundry.

The PlayStation Classic officially launched earlier this month and was made available from December 3rd, 2019 onwards. The design of new much smaller PlayStation Classic perfectly mirrors the original Sony PlayStation console. Sporting the same logo button layout and packaging all shrunk by 45%.

In the PlayStation Classic box you will receive two wired controllers a HDMI cable to connect to your TV, together with a virtual memory card to save your adventures. Check out the full PlayStation classic review below to learn more about what you can expect from the retro console and games straight out of the box.

“This could – and should – have been a lot better. DF Retro Hardware returns with a deep dive analysis into the PlayStation Classic, its games and the quality of its emulation stacked up against every way that matters when it comes to revisiting one of gaming history’s most important consoles. Apologies for the mic echo! A little tricky to get right in this environment.”

Source: DF

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