PlayStation Store May Have Revealed God Of War Release Date

Sony’s new God of War game looks good and fans are hyped for it’s release, but sadly, aside from announcing the game and sharing some details, along with a few trailers here and there, we have no release date yet. Well, the date may have been revealed thanks to a recent listing on the PlayStation Store.

The listing on the PlayStation Store has revealed the game’s potential release date as March 22nd 2018. However interestingly, the date has since been changed and the page updated so that it now says December 31st 2018. So now we may be even more confused. We have no way of confirming either date, but the update is likely just a placeholder, since it is unlikely that Sony would release the game so late. This means that it is possible that March 22nd 2018 could be the real date and that it was revealed ahead of time. That seems likely.

Earlier this year it was speculated that the game could be released on November 28, but clearly that did not happen. We will be keeping our eyes on this and will let you know if we get a firm date. Fans are eagerly awaiting this game so we hope it is soon.

Source Ubergizmo

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