ProdigIO Smart Bracelet

ProdigIO Smart Bracelet

The design and development team at Wearable Italia have created a new smart bracelet called the ProdigIO which has this week launched via Kickstarter to raise the required €20,000 needed to make the jump into production. The company has created a collection of smart bracelets that are capable of tracking your fitness as well as providing notifications thanks to a connection to your smartphone.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the ProdigIO smart bracelet which is now available to back via Kickstarter with super early bird pledges available from €169 or £149. As well as providing notifications and fitness tracking the smart bracelet is also equipped with an SOS feature allowing you to call for help quickly if needed.

More information on the Italian design team jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below. Where a full list of all pledges is also available together with in-depth details on each specific function and feature of the smart wearable. If all goes well worldwide shipping is expected to start during October 2018.

Source: Kickstarter

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