Raspberry Pi Overclocking Explained

Raspberry Pi Overclocking

Raspberry Pi mini PC owners looking to squeeze every ounce of processing power from their tiny pocket computer, may be interested in a new article written by Dmitry over on the Eltech website. Explaining how to correctly engage in Raspberry Pi overclocking and get the most from your mini PC.

The in-depth Raspberry Pi overclocking tutorial explains exactly what to do whether you have a Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi 2 mini PC as the algorithm stays the same. Before engaging in overclocking your mini PC it is important to remember that the Raspberry Pi 3 is equipped with a significantly more advanced processor offering higher performance when compared to previous models. Allowing you to squeeze even more power safely from the Pi 3 when compared to older computer systems in the Pi range.

Using various overclocking and overvoltage techniques, Raspberry Pi enthusiasts can squeeze extra power from the Raspberry Pi 3, while the Raspberry Pi 2 mini PC will always be a little bit behind on performance due to basic technical peculiarities of the system, says Dmitry.

Don’t forget overclocking your Raspberry Pi 3 does come with a few risks but everything is explained in the fantastic Raspberry Pi overclocking article at the Eltech website available by following the link below.

Source: HackadayEltech

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