Samsung and AT&T create 5G ‘Innovation Zone’

Samsung has announced that it is working with ATT to create a new 5G ‘Innovation Zone’ in the US.

The two companies are creating this new ‘Innovation Zone’ in Austin, Texas and the facility will focus on 5G manufacturing.

The goal of the new 5G-powered testbed is to provide tangible results for a better understanding of how 5G can impact manufacturing, as well as to provide insight into the future of a smart factory. The 5G-enabled “Innovation Zone” sits within Samsung Austin Semiconductor, one of the world’s most advanced semiconductor fabrication facilities. It will harness Samsung’s 5G equipment as well as ATT’s 5G wireless technology.

ATT Business Chief Marketing Officer, Mo Katibeh, notes that this project is an industry first. “We’re testing the real-world impact 5G will have on the manufacturing industry. Ultimately, we will use what we learn from this 5G ‘Innovation Zone’ to help create better technology experiences and improvements in SAS’s plant, along with creating a future blueprint for people and businesses across all industries.”

You can find out more details about Samsung’s and ATT’s plans to work together on 5G technology over at Samsung at the link below.

Source Samsung

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