Sony ships new thinner PS Vita Slim in U.S.

vita v2Sony has finally released an updated PlayStation Vita model in the United States, after introducing it in the United Kingdom in January. There was also a Japanese launch late last year. This PS Vita Slim is 20 percent slimmer and 15 percent lighter than the original version.

Aside from that, very few changes have been made to the handheld game console overall. One of the changes that did take place is the OLED panel, changed to a 960×540 IPS LCD version, which along with the other improvements, will improve battery life so that it lasts up to six hours.

You can look forward to the same quad-core Cortex A9-based processor with 512MB of RAM and 128MB of VRAM, but it adds 1GB of built-in storage for game installs and other content. Connecting the PS Vita Slim is also different now, with Sony’s proprietary solution being ditched for a microUSB version. Fans of the handheld may want to give it a shot, as well as those who haven’t taken the plunge yet. That is, if you like lighter and thinner handhelds that come along with other improvements. And who doesn’t? Sony hopes to sell a lot of these this year.

Source Electronista

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