Taylor Swift’s Reputation Album Is Available For Music Streaming

Earlier this month, we heard that Taylor Swift would not launch her latest album, Reputation, on streaming services. At least not right away. Instead we heard that Swift would only make the album available a week after its launch. Well, we have some good news. It looks like Swift’s album is finally available for you.

Swift’s album is now available on streaming services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. However there’s a catch. It looks like this only applies to international markets, and not the US. Apparently the US launch won’t be too far behind, but right now it looks like it isn’t available just yet. We’re not sure why the launch dates are different.

Swift’s decision to launch the album through more “traditional” means first does make sense, especially when you consider Apple Music’s head and music industry veteran Jimmy Iovine’s comments. An earlier report has Iovine claiming that the profit margins made in music streaming are pretty much non-existent. So releasing music through physical sales or digital purchases is still a better option. In 2016 Adele fans also had to go through a similar waiting process, since her 25 album was only made available on streaming about a half year following the album’s release. So this is not new.

Source Ubergizmo

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