Thanko Hairbrush Mists Away Bed Head with USB Power

If you’re the sort that wakes up with crazy hair and doesn’t always want to take a shower, you might be interested in a new and strange gadget from Thanko. This gadget is hairbrush that has a battery inside charge via a USB port. The brush uses the power from the battery to spray a fine mist in your hair as you comb it.

The battery promises enough power for about two and half hours of continuous spraying. The tiny 15 mL water vial certainly won’t last that long. The 15 mL of fluid promises to be enough to last about 30 minutes for continuous spraying.

This is the latest a long line of strange gadgets from Thanko. Some the oddest gadgets we’ve seen from the company over the years have been the USB powered cooling cushions and other devices.

via EverythingUSB

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