The Dark Tower Teaser Trailer And Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey Interview (video)

The Dark Tower

The new interview trailer has been released by PlayStation for the new science fiction movie The Dark Tower, which launched last month  in cinema theatres worldwide and stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.

If you haven’t already seen the The Dark Tower check out the interview trailer below, to learn more about what you can expect from the storyline and its characters, with Idris and Matthew explaining more about their interconnected roles in the movie.

Eleven-year-old Jake Chambers experiences visions involving a Man in Black who seeks to destroy a Tower and bring ruin to the world, and a Gunslinger who opposes him. Jake’s mother, stepfather, and psychiatrists dismiss these as dreams resulting from the trauma of his father’s death the previous year.

At his apartment home in New York City, a group of workers from an alleged psychiatric facility offer to rehabilitate Jake; recognizing them from his visions as monsters wearing human skin, he flees. Jake tracks down an abandoned house from one of his visions, discovers a high-tech portal, and travels to a post-apocalyptic world called Mid-World.

In Mid-World, Jake encounters the last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain who emerged in his visions. Roland is pursuing Walter Padick, the Man in Black who had also appeared in his dreams across a desert, seeking to kill him in revenge for the murder of his father, Steven. He explains that Walter has been abducting psychic children, and is attempting to use their powers to destroy the Dark Tower, a fabled structure located at the center of the universe; this will allow monsters from the darkness outside to invade and destroy reality.

Source: YouTube

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