The Things 915Mhz Internet of Things Gateway $350

Internet of Things

A new open source Internet of ThingsNew Open Source gateway router designed by The Things Network to work perfectly with TTN. Now available to purchase from the Adafruit online store priced at $350. “Make a free account, plug it in, follow the easy step-by-step installation instructions and you’ve got yourself a LoRaWAN to Internet gateway in under 5 minutes. No setup or usage fees.”

Features and specifications of the Things Gateway 915Mhz Version of the Internet gateway router include :

– Connects easily to your WiFi or Ethernet connection
– Wireless network coverage of up to 10 km (6 miles) with line-of-sight and good antennas
– SX1301 demodulator can scan 8 channels simultaneously
– Open-source hardware and software
– Devices can freely communicate over all connected gateways
– XBee slot for future connectivity protocols or home-grown add-ons
– Security through the TLS/SSL connection and embedded in the LoRaWAN protocol
– Can serve up thousands of nodes, depending on traffic duty cycle

“A huge boon to the global IoT community, the Gateway can feasibly connect any kind of digital sensor to a homegrown app. Teams in several cities have begun work to launch their own local networks and platforms, ranging from temperature sensors for food storage or alerts when trash cans need emptying. The possibilities are endless, and now you can even join in and help add coverage in your neighborhood. (Of course, you can set it up for non-public usage but it’s more fun when you share!)”

Source: Adafruit

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