Tinami MD-1 Custom Midi Controller Hits Kickstarter

Tinami MD-1 Custom Midi Controller

A new custom MIDI controller has been created by musician and developer Joya Erlebach based in Hamburg, Germany. Providing a kit allowing those interested to build their very own custom MIDI controller in the form of the Tinami MD-1. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the awesome MIDI controller which has launched via Kickstarter this week and is now available to back with early bird pledges available from €175 or roughly £156.

If all goes well worldwide shipping is expected to take place during January 2019. Joya explains a little more about the inspiration behind creating the custom MIDI controller. “After studying the relationship of musicians, producers and live performers with their MIDI controllers for several months we have concluded that the next step on the MIDI devices is customisation. The special thing about the MD-1 is that it will be custom-made for each user upon ordering it – so it will contain the features needed instead of unnecessary extras which are never used.”

Specifications of the Tinami MD-1 custom midi controller include.

– 16 components MIDI controller.
– Custom components: knobs, buttons or faders.
– 16 memory presets for MIDI configurations.
– Function buttons for shortcut access to presets and device global MIDI channel.
– MD-1 Blueprint MIDI editor software: Note Number, CC, Sysex NRPN compatible.
– Parameter value instrument block: to avoid value jumps with potentiometers when changing presets or loading new sets.
– MIDI DIN In and Out.
– USB type b connector.
– 12v DC power connector for computerless setups.
– Sturdy metal case and wood panels.
– Portable: 15.7cm x 15.2cm x 4.5cm / 870g

For a full list of all available pledges and more details jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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