Uber Users Can Now Rent Lime Scooters

It was just after Lyft announced that it was acquiring the top bike-sharing company in the United States, that Uber has announced that its users will now be able to rent scooters from Lime. Not very surprising really. Uber is investing in the company as part of a $335 million funding round. Lime’s electric scooters will be available to rent through Uber’s app. Lime is going to use the money that it’s raising to buy tens of thousands more electric scooters for the service so that it can expand even more.

But that’s not all. Lime won’t just be renting out scooters through the Uber app, it’s also going to co-brand the scooters with Uber, because why not? Uber had previously used a similar strategy with Jump’s electric bicycles before it eventually bought the company a while back. So Uber has been serious about adding scooters to its service for awhile now.

The company has applied for a permit to start its own service in San Francisco and it may still pursue this even with the current investment in Lime Scooters.

Lime’s scooters are available in over 70 markets across the US and Europe in just 12 months since the company started this in 2017. Not bad at all.

Source Ubergizmo

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