UK Testing Mobile Phone Warning Road Signs

Mobile Phone Warning Road Signs

In this day and age there really is no need to use a mobile phone in your hand whilst driving, there are plenty of hands free options that allow you to safely make calls when you are driving.

Unfortunately a lot of people still use their mobile phones whilst driving and now the UK are testing out new road signs that detect when a mobile phone is being used in a car.

Whilst the signs cannot determine whether a phone is being used hands free or not, they are designed to act a reminder for people who may be illegally using their mobile phone whilst driving.

Chris Spinks from Westcotec, the company behind the signs said that “So many people, by force of habit, can’t resist using their phone. The system cannot differentiate between a driver and the passengers on a bus, for example, but this goes some way towards remotely warning drivers that they can be detected using their phone.”

The signs are being tested out in four different places in Norfolk, it will be interesting to see if they can help reduce the amount of people using phones whilst driving.

Source BBC

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