USB Iron Keeps the Wrinkles Away during the Day

Wacky USB gadgets are nothing new, we’ve seen more than a few from multiple companies over the years. One type of USB gadget that I’ve never seen is a iron is powered by USB port. Everyone is familiar with iron, it’s the thing we use with the ironing board at home to get wrinkles out of your clothes before you head off to work.


I would bet that we can all appreciate being at the office or on the road and realizing how wrinkly our close have become and wishing you had an iron on you. Now you can have an iron on you everywhere you go takes to a USB powered version available at eSupply. The little device looks more like a handheld shaver than an iron to me.

You squeeze the end of it and the front of the USB iron opens up like a duck bill and you can place your pet legs, skirts, or collars into that opening to apply heat and remove wrinkles. Power comes from a USB port and has a pair of AA batteries as well. You certainly wouldn’t want to iron your entire outfit using this iron, but if you end up with a messed up crease on the front of your pants, or a collar that just won’t lay flat, this iron will get the job done for about $10.

Via EverythingUSB

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